What we believe

The Bible
The Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, is the Word of God, written by people inspired by God through the Holy Spirit, and it therefore contains no error.


The Holy Trinity
There is one God—the almighty and omniscient Creator of all things in heaven and on earth—whose unity of substance dwells in the trinity of God the Father, God the Son who is the Christ, and God the Holy Spirit.


Jesus Christ
The Old and New Testaments in their entirety were recorded with the birth of Jesus Christ and His work of salvation at their center. Jesus came in accordance with what is written in the Old Testament, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, was born of the virgin Mary, died on the cross as the sin offering for the world, was raised from the dead, and ascended into heaven. Now He is seated at the right hand of God as our Advocate, and He will come to this world again.


The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit of God is in this world to bring man to the realization of his sinful state so that he may be born a second time through the Word of God. In this way the Holy Spirit is building up the Church.


Man and Sin
All of mankind became sinners through one man—Adam—and, having inherited this sinful nature from Adam, everyone continues to commit sins and comes under God’s judgment. The righteous God will, therefore, judge both the original sinful nature of man and the individual sinful acts that man carries out during his life.


Jesus Christ took upon Himself the sins of the whole world as He shed His blood and died on the cross, and in doing so, He accomplished eternal redemption, once for all. The individual is saved not through observing God’s Law or through his own good deeds, but by believing, through the Bible, in the perfect redemption that Jesus Christ has accomplished. Any person who has received such eternal redemption will be transformed when Christ returns and receiving a new eternal body, and with this, his salvation will be complete.


The Church
The Church is not a tangible building or a man-made organization; it is made up of Christians who have been born again through the Holy Spirit and is the body and bride of Christ. This body, of which each Christian is a member, grows to perfection through the Holy Spirit that works within the loving fellowship of its members as they follow the new commandment.


The Sacraments
Baptism and holy communion are the ordinances that the Lord has given to the Church to be observed, but baptism should not be considered as a means to salvation, neither should the elements of holy communion be believed to turn into the blood and body of the Lord.


The Resurrection and the Rapture
At the end of this world there will be a seven year period of tribulation, and right before the tribulation Jesus Christ will come again in the air. When He comes, first those who are dead in Christ will be raised again in glorious bodies like that of Christ, and then the saints who are on the earth at that time will also be changed and taken up to meet the Lord in the air.


The Millennium
As the tribulation comes to an end, Christ will descend to this earth and then the kingdom will be established over which the Lord will reign as King. This kingdom will continue for one thousand years and it will not be established by human organization or any means of human origin, but by the power of God and in accordance with His plan.


Those who participate in the resurrection of judgment after the millennium will be punished in eternal Hell.


The Kingdom of God
At the end of the millennium, the new heaven and new earth will come down from God and God’s people will enjoy eternal happiness with Christ in that kingdom where there will be no more death, or pain, or suffering of any kind.